If you said coffee connoisseur and chocolate chip cookie taster you would be correct! That’s how I start my day. It’s just me drinking coffee with a sweet little sheltie by my side. I am up and about before anyone is my house even cracks an eye. It’s not long though before the busyness of life creeps  into my prayer and quiet time. Off and running I go.

As a wife to one go getter husband, mom to 3 busy almost grown kids whom I homeschooled for 6 years and business of owner of 2 businesses in real estate, I can say that I have my plate full. I started my first company at 23 years old and after building it up sold it years later to a competitor. I can remember always wanting to run things. As a first born I guess you would say I was created that way.

I grew up in the Midwest among the cornfields and pumpkin patches of Michigan. My dad was a farmer of the land and my mom a homemaker. This is where I have come to learn the value of family and now realize that the lessons learned as a child are the ones that have molded me into who I am now. I have gained my love of gardening from my father and the love of cooking from my mother. I went to private Christian school and have never stopped learning about creation and the Creator. It never occurred to me that anything in life I wanted to accomplish was off limits. I would dream of writing as a small child and owning my own business.  I like to create my own paths. Sometimes this is hardest route because no one has gone before me to cut down the weeds and I often have to clear the path before I move forward. But, oh, the life lessons you learn along the way are priceless.

I have always wanted to write and dabbled in writing throughout the years and find that this passion is growing. I like to write for children as well as inspiration to remind myself of how awesome life is beyond the chaos. I hope to encourage others along the way. If I can find the forest thru the trees so can you. I constantly have lines of inspiration for books running through my head. Am I the only one who thinks in paragraph form? I have been a small group leader, a Sunday school teacher and have lead other various bible studies in our community.

Life can be busy but as long as we can stay focused we can realize our dreams.

You know the old cliché’ Life is like a book. It’s true. We can write our own stories as we live, helping others write their stories along the way.

Dream on and live life on purpose, one page at a time!